About Custom HUDs for Quake Live


Custom HUDs for Quake Live alias QLHUD is a platform where anyone can download and share custom HUDs for Quake Live.

This service is, and will stay completely free for everyone. Please report any bugs if you should encounter one. Feature suggestions are always welcome too, if you have a good idea or miss something on the page, feel free to tell us! See the contact possibilities below.

RSS Feed

An RSS Feed which shows the most recently uploaded custom HUDs is available at https://qlhud.lifeisabug.com/rss

Creating a custom HUD

The easy way: QuakeLive visualHUD
By hand: Check out Borgondios Quake Live HUD tutorial

But don't forget to share your creation at this place when you are done! :-)

Why where the counters reset?

qlhud.lifeisabug.com (formerly qlhud.core.ws) has been around since April 2009 and disappeared in October 2012 (it was required to remove the sites backend code, don't even ask). In January 2013 the backend was rewritten from scratch (this time open source, available at github) and the click and download counters were reset in the curse of the relaunch (there were at least 185000 downloads from Apr. 2009 to Oct. 2012).

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E-mail to: qlhud@lifeisabug.com


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